Active Response


Cyber Insurance and Cybersecurity Prevention


Every industry is increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks, resulting in patient safety issues as well as costly losses and mitigation.  To offer our insureds the most comprehensive cyber insurance available plus industry-leading cybersecurity protection. We have partnered with Coalition, the world’s first Active Insurance provider designed to prevent digital risk before it strikes. Coalition is revolutionizing the cyber insurance space by combining best-in-class insurance coverage with state-of-the-art cybersecurity monitoring to prevent issues before they occur, using:

Active Risk Prevention – continually scans and monitors your practice 24/7 for cyber threats, to identify vulnerabilities and prevent issues before they occur, all at no additional cost.

Active Response – with immediate 24/7 expert response during security incidents, Coalition is the only cyber provider with a dedicated in-house cyber claims and incident response team.

Active Protection – the most innovative & comprehensive insurance available, includes Business Interruption coverage to help you recover quickly!

Highlights include:



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